Make money online tipsWith all this talk about making money online you are probably wondering, “How is it done?

There are dozens of ways to make money online but the way most people, like you, make money online is via a blog.

a) What is a blog?

A blog is a website on which you can post articles about a given topic. Most blogs use a free software called WordPress. If applicable you can also offer a forum, a Facebook page or more if you think user participation would be beneficial. At first you should just have a blog. Get that off the ground and see after a few months if additional tools might be helpful.
Nice market bloggingb) What should I blog about?
You should always try to blog about a topic you have a genuine interest in. You will have to blog a lot to become a reference site in your niche market. To better guarantee you will still be interested in talking about that topic it is best to talk about something you like or even better, something you know of better than most. Typically most poeple will have a few topics they can blog about.
For example:
– A niche cooking, lifestyle or fashion
– A niche financial, health or legal issues
– A niche activity, hobby or a review site
– A niche passion, art or sport
– A niche technical skill or expertise

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