You cannot be made to do anything you would not do in your daily life. You will not reveal any secrets you want kept private, even if you are specifically asked to do so (and an ethical Hypnotherapist would never knowingly ask you to reveal a secret).

While it may be true that feeling hypnotized is so relaxing and comfortable, you may not wish to return to your waking state, it is simply not possible to get stuck in a hypnotic state.  When you let go of your daily stresses, and allow yourself to relax completely, your brain will flood your body with endorphins, and it’s a state of mind that feels so good, so comfortable, so relaxed, that an hour can go by and it may seem to you that you were only sitting with me for 10 minutes!  Often I have to switch to a louder and more commanding voice to convince a client to leave the comfort of this altered state, but eventually you will decide that it’s time to leave your mini vacation and join the “real world” and become alert, just as you may fight getting up when the alarm goes off in the morning.  But that said, if ever a Hypnotist walked away leaving you in an altered state for any reason, you would either spontaneously return to your waking state, or you would fall into a relaxing sleep and awake refreshed and fully alert.

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